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Life Coaching can enable you to create a space to ask powerful questions that identify what is limiting you in creating the change you need to achieve your full potential.

Do you feel that your current life is draining your energy and stopping you from doing what is important to your own personal self-growth and development? 

Are you living your life to the full and achieving your dreams?  Of course, we would all love to say YES but the reality is often not quite so simple.  At Virya Life, we understand that people develop limiting beliefs and often feel that they are not able to achieve their goals and aspirations.  We’re here to help and have created our LIMITS model used in our coaching and courses to help you get the most out of your life.

Allow us to help you explore the LIMITS that are holding you back and empower you to move forward with those dreams!  Maybe now’s the time to take the plunge….

        We can help you with
  •  Developing achievable short term and long term goals

  • Learning to be more assertive

  • Feeling gratitude and developing pride in your daily achievements

  • Acceptance of issues in your life and how to focus on the present and the future

  • Changing relationships in your life so that you have more time for hobbies, developing a business, being the person you want to be 


Sally Raymen, Life Coach and founder of Virya Life

Sally Raymen